Healthy Living

The key to a healthy lifestyle is through nourishing your body with movement, hydration, good tasty nutrition, sleep and mindfulness.

Lets dive deep into each!


Moving our body is the best way to get natural energy.  Exercise can be easy, fun and done anywhere.  I like to keep things simple so here is my quick guide to exercise but if you want more you can check out my exercise videos!

  1. Move your body daily if even for a walk.
  2. Lift HEAVY weights 2-4 times per week.
  3. Sprint (or do interval training) 1 time per week

Exercise is about training smarter not harder.  Maximum time I spend ‘exercising’ per week is 5 hours.  The rest of the time I am moving my body in a fun, playful way.


Hydration in the form of H2O not coffee, energy drinks, alcohol, etc.  Water is essential for our bodies to function.  Often when you feel tired, fatigued and irritable it is because you need more water.

I challenge you to consume 100oz of water daily for 1 week straight and see how much better you feel.  Here are a few girls that took the challenge with me.

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You are what you eat!  Eat good food and you will have  good body, eat bad food and you will have a bad body.  Think of your body like a car.  Assume your car runs on premium, you wouldn’t put diesel in it and expect it to run optimally would you?  Same for your body.

Intuitively we know what is healthy and what isn’t.  Intuitively we know when we are hungry and when we are full.  I encourage you to listen to your body and daily make the best choices possible.  When you focus on quality, whole foods you will reduce cravings and your waistline.


Sleep is so important.  Our bodies need to recover from a long day and sleep is what allows our body to do so.  Aim for 6 or more hours of quality sleep a night.


The mind is a powerful tool.  We have millions of thoughts run through it on a daily basis.  When you learn how to control the mind you can change your state from negative, sad, depressed to energetic, excited, happy, joyful in a split second.  What you focus on you receive.  What are you focusing on?  How often do you slow down and listen to what your mind is saying?