about gorgeous strength

What is Gorgeous Strength?

Gorgeous Strength is a safe place for women to be vulnerable. To bust through their fears and achieve their goals. Join the movement on the Gorgeous Strength Private Facebook page.

Why Gorgeous?

To me gorgeous is not an outward appearance it is an inner beauty that radiates to the external world. When a woman is so in tune with her mind, body and soul she is Gorgeous. She attracts people and she is unstoppable.

Why Strength?

Often women shy away from strength but a confident woman exudes inner and outer strength. My goal is to teach you how to become confident and still be feminine. How to achieve your goals, be ambitious and have a voice all while still being emotionally sound. You can be strong and feminine at the same time. You can have it all!

Why Gorgeous Strength?

Combine the two words and you get a powerful woman that achieves anything she sets her mind to.

I want you to design your life. I want you to wake up every day with energy. I want you to set BIG goals for yourself and actually achieve them.


I know if I can make this shift you can too.  I want you to become a gorgeous strength leader within this world and spread love to everyone you encounter.