There are thousands of books published on the power of positive thinking and I believe it to be true. Just think about it for a moment.  When was the last time you were in a bad mood then went to the gym or met with a friend for coffee and all the sudden your negativity went out the door.  It vanished because you were focused on the intensity of your workout or the awesome convo with your friend.

It’s not magic, it’s simply a mind shift and you can shift your mind anytime, anywhere without something distracting you.  For example, if you begin to tune into your feelings and emotions on a moment by moment basis and become aware when your mind is turning nasty you can turn it around in a split second.  You have the choice to be positive or negative, it all depends on how connected you are to your feelings and emotions so… this week I want to challenge you.  Are you up for it?

The challenge is simple:

  • Monday July 10 – Thursday July 14, 2017 post a photo or video of 1 positive thing you experienced during the day
  • Use #gorgesoustrengthmovement in your post (because I will be giving away a prize daily)

By looking for positive things in your every day life you will begin to attract more positivity and have a better outlook on life.  When you change your mindset opportunities start falling in your lap, people start noticing and your paradigm shifts in ways I can’t describe.

Grab a friend to take on this challenge with you and let me know how just 4 days start to change your world in amazing ways.




Gorgeous Strength Summit 2017

I am SO excited to announce that I am finally kicking off the Gorgeous Strength Summit.  It is a 2 1/2 day event for women only were I will teach you to bust through your fears and achieve your goals.

Like you, I let fear hold me back from many things in life. To name a few:

  • going to the gym – when I first started working out I was deathly afraid to step foot into the gym
  • eating healthy – I made up stories of why I couldn’t do that or why I would fail at getting in shape and living a healthy life
  • meeting new people – people I wanted to meet, people I wanted to learn from I would not talk to because I was afraid I would look dumb
  • opening a business – I wanted a personal training studio. I wanted to help people but my fear based story was “what if I fail”
  • hosting the Gorgeous Strength Summit (yes I have been visioning this for 3 years!) – I feared that I would make a fool of myself
  • relationships – I held back my vulnerability restricting my relationships with friends and family to develop and deepen out of fear of getting hurt

Whatever your fears are they are stories made up by you.  Yes, YOU are the only one standing in YOUR way and I am going to help you step out of your own way.

More details on the Gorgeous Strength Summit will be released very soon but here are the highlights:

Gorgeous Strength Summit

  • August 25-27, 2017
  • Friday August 25th VIP Night – Cocktail Hour to mingle with all the ladies and a fun breakout session
  • Saturday – Yoga, Deep Dive into your Goals, Deep Dive into your Obstacles, amazing breakout sessions and much more
  • Sunday – Yoga, Deep Dive in to your Action Plan to achieve your Goals, amazing speakers and breakout sessions and something special for all the attendees

Click here for more details on the Gorgeous Strength Summit and make sure to check out my morning Facebook lives for daily inspiration and motivation.


What are your Core Values?

The moment a mentor told me to create my personal Core Values I thought he was crazy.  I know who I am and what I stand for, why in the world do I need to write it out and review it daily?

I was in store for a treat!

After resisting the activity for months I finally broke down and did the assignment.  To my amazement the things I value in life are not the things I was making a priority in life.  My family and friends, traveling, laughing, helping others… I was no longer doing these things because I was not aware of my values.  I let the ‘to do’s’ of life and running a business get in the way of what I wanted out of life.  I began saying YES to everyone else but myself.

Writing down my Core Values and reviewing them on a daily basis allowed me to realign with the purpose of my life.  It allowed me to regain peace, clarity and love.  It allowed me to say NO to the things in life that would not serve me.  It opened my eyes to the realization that I need to take care of myself first so that I have energy and love to give to others.

I recommend you take 30 minutes to an hour to complete the following Core Value questions below.  Then, share in the comments below, what you learned from this exercise and what changes you’re going to make in your life today to align with your true purpose.


  • What are my most redeeming qualities?
  • What are my weaknesses?
  • What am I doing to network and build alliances?
  • What do I enjoy most?
  • How can I shape my career goals around what I enjoy?
  • What is one accomplishment I must make in my life?
  • How could I correct or compensate for my weaknesses to ensure accomplishment of my long-term goals?
  • How does my faith shape my sense of identity?


  • What previous experiences or education will help me arrive at my desired destination?
  • How can my present job situation serve as a steppingstone toward my destination?
  • What will a perfect day look like when I have arrived at my destination?
  • Who might assist me on my journey?
  • What kind of people will I spend time with when I have arrived?
  • In five or less sentences; how will I know when I’ve arrived?How does my faith shape my destiny?

Morals and Values

  • What are my moral absolutes?
  • How do I define right from wrong?
  • How would I define my work ethics?
  • What values will help me build strong relationships?

Core Values

Summarize your answers from above into 2-3 paragraphs which will become your personal Core Values.  Re-visit these daily by reading or listening to a voice recording of your values so they’re always on the forefront of your mind.


Manifest your Passion

  • Do you feel stuck in the to do’s of life?
  • Did you go to college then accept a corporate job because that is what society, your parents and advisors told you to do but that is not fulfilling you?
  • Do you feel you have a gift to give the world but its so far from reality you can’t envision yourself living your dream?
  • Do you want to make a change, have freedom and do what God put you on this earth to do?

You can and it is easier than you think!

There is a reason each of us are placed on this earth. It is our duty to uncover that reason, connect with it and give it back to the universe.

Through my years of personal self development and coaching clients I’ve found that too many of us live in the to do’s of life. We go to college because it is what society says we must do. Next, we seek out a career that will satisfy our needs financially, mentally and hopefully emotionally.  For some, this is their gift. For most, there is so much more that we need to uncover and bring to life.

My guess is, since you’re reading this, you fall in the second category. If so, I am so glad you’re here because I’m going to have you do some major soul searching in order to connect to your gift so you can begin delivering it to the world.

The first step in manifesting your passion is to understand what it is your true passion is. We often have several things that peak our interest but what is the one burning desire you have to achieve in this lifetime?

Let me throw out a few examples. I’ve had friends that went from corporate America to:

  • Interior Design
  • Web Development
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Personal Training
  • Travel Consulting

This list could go on forever.

Let me share with you my story. My mom pushed me to go to college after high school (thank you Mom! I really do appreciate it as it taught me discipline) and land a corporate job where I would have secure and steady pay, a retirement plan and benefits. I did just that. I received an undergraduate in Mathematics and a Masters of Business Administration. I landed an amazing job at a Fortune 500 company and had dreams to work my way up the corporate ladder until, one day Human Resources announced that all HR Shared Services would be outsourced and our jobs were on the line.

The moment I was told I may lose my job I had no stress because at this moment I knew it was time to start digging into what truly made me happy.

Thankfully, I had (unknowingly so) started manifesting my passion of helping others live a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and exercise as I had just gone through my personal transformation and had begun sharing my knowledge with others through online programs. This side business was something I was so passionate about that I would stay awake for hours creating programs for clients, responding to emails and visualizing all the amazing ways I could help people. This was something people naturally gravitated to me for help. This was an area of my life that lit me up… this was my passion.

My passion sat right in front of my face for months before I realized it. It wasn’t until something tragic like the possibility of losing a job was placed in my lap that I opened my eyes to the fact that my gift to give the world is in helping others and working a corporate job was no longer serving me.

This was my moment of understanding.

Now that I have shared my moment of understanding I am going to ask you to do a little soul searching to understand what your passion is. You may be in a job or a relationship that is no longer serving you. You may have a passion right in front of your face but fear of not having the credentials or expertise is holding you back from speaking out about your passion. This is your time to realize what your gift is to give to the world so take 30 minutes, or longer if you need, to complete the following questions:

  1. What do people ask you advice on the most?
  2. What do others compliment you on?
  3. What inspires you so much that you could stay up for hours working and get lost in time?
  4. What sort of work could you do that would not feel like work to you?

I trust that you have completed the questions above with thought. Your answers should have a common theme. This common theme is your passion and whatever your passion in life is you can make it a reality, you can capitalize on it and share it with the world! A passionate person speaks from the soul, people are naturally drawn to them and work no longer feels like work.

Remind yourself as we continue with this journey to unleashing your passion that you only have one life on this earth. You have been given a gift to share with us all and you’ve uncovered that gift. Now that you have connected with your passion, it is time to reveal it to the world so you can fulfill your life’s dream.

Don’t let fear hold you back, give your gift to the world.



5 Ways to Amplify your Workout with Meditation

We’re all familiar with the benefits of exercise (increased energy, health, weight loss and more) but are you familiar with the benefits of meditation?  Like exercise, meditation is extremely beneficial for long term health, vitality and bliss.

In addition, meditation can help amplify your workouts by allowing you to push through your sticking points, have more energy, clarity and focus.

Here are 5 Ways to Amplify your Workout with Meditation…


  1. “Exercise is my meditation”                                                                                                        I often hear people say “exercise is my meditation” and I used to think that myself until I learned to truly practice meditation.  What people are really saying is exercise is a way for them to release stress and anxiety which is great but is completely different from the benefits of meditation.  So lets break it down… Exercise stimulates the nervous system and speeds up the metabolism in order to help us build muscle or lose body fat.  On the other hand Meditation de-excites the nervous system giving you deep rest and releases neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin into the body to bring calm and focus into your life.  Integrate both into your life for optimal health.  Meditation helps give you clarity and focus to increase your exertion in the gym.
  2. Meditate before your workout                                                                                         Studies show that 15 minutes of meditation brings more sustainable energy than a cup of caffeine and being in the fitness industry for years I know a majority of gym goers are amped up on caffeine, pre workout supplements or energy drinks.  I used to down pre-workouts only to find myself shaky and irritable.  They left me feeling groggy hours later and left a dent in my bank account.  The next time you hit the gym, try meditating for 15 minutes before your workout for a deepen state of rest before your workout giving you endless energy to exert in the gym.  This energy is FREE and natural!
  3. Meditate to push through pain                                                                                            During exercise we experience moments of discomfort leaving us to think “I can’t do another minute of this” however, meditation is proven to reduce the pain threshold.  Through mindfulness you’re better able to listen to the cues your body is giving you which allows the painful sensation to decrease versus intensify giving you an extra oomph to push through.
  4. Meditation allows you to know what the body needs                                                               I remember starting my fitness journey, I read articles giving workout regimens and hired coaches that developed “individualized” workout regimens for me.  I followed them to a T even on days that my body was screaming at me to rest.  I thought if I derailed from the plan provided I would get fat and lose anything I had previously gained in the gym.  I was wrong, instead I killed my hormones and was constantly fatigued from pushing my body too hard.  Meditation allows you to tune in to your inner self and energy, it guides you to the workout that will be best suited for you that day.  This helps improve the quality of your workouts as you’re taking rest days when your body needs it and you’re pushing hard on days your body has endless energy.
  5. Stay consistent and the benefits will start to show                                                           Just like the gym, meditation is a practice that you must do consistently for best results.  The more you do it, the more mental muscles you build and the easier it is to fit into your schedule.  And just like the gym, it is important to find a meditation coach to help you integrate this in a manner that is efficient and effective for you. 

I hope you’re sold on a few of the benefits meditation will have on your mind, body and soul.  I ask that you at least give it an honest try for a week to see if it is for you.  Journal what you experience, things like more clarity, energy, focus and enjoyment in life are just a few.

Now go meditate of 1-15 minutes then get your body moving for optimal health.


Med-i-Tate or Med-i-Cate?

Growing up, like many people, I went to a standard family practitioner who prescribed medication for whatever symptom I had.  A cold, a fever, sadness, pain in my shoulder, whatever it was there was medication to cover up the root cause.

Not once was nutrition, sleep, exercise (mentally or physically) brought up by my doctor, that is until I changed to a holistic practicioner.  A cold or fever could have been treated with extra sleep and hydration instead of medicine.  Sadness could have been treated with mental exercise like meditation instead of anti-depressants.  Pain in my shoulder could have been treated with exercise and range of motion work instead of Advil.

Hopefully you get my point.  Too many people are given medication to treat something that could be taken care of naturally.  Not only are we then putting synthetic, man made products into our body but we’re spending money and a lot of it on pills, not knowing how much of the medication our body is absorbing or using for that matter.

The past several years I’ve strayed away from western medicine and found holistic doctors to help me when needed.  Now, instead of a call to the doctor, I first tune into my body when I’m experiencing pain, illness, sadness, or any suffering.  We are the owner of our temple, we know our body better than anyone else.  I’m not saying we don’t need the help of a doctor on occasion.  What I am saying is through mindfulness you can often determine what the root cause to your pain/suffering is and treat it holistically without external help and especially without medication.

For example:

According to Global Research, studies show that:

  • 30 Million Americans are taking some form of anti-depressants
  • 250 Million prescriptions were written for anti-depressants in 2013
  • > 280 Billion dollars were spent on all prescription drugs in 2013

Studies also show that a regular meditation practice among those with depression who meditate without taking prescription pills have a significant drop in:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • pain
  • and are better able to manage their depression when it re-occurs without medication

This is just one example.  As you can see many people turn to expensive medications to help relieve pain which makes them reliant on the medication for future health however those that turn to meditation, exercise, change in nutrition and sleep patterns spend little to no money on medication and are better able to self manage re-occurances.

I challenge you to try it.  Whatever you may be dealing with at the moment, migraines, depression, anxiety, eating disorder, etc, try changing your lifestyle.  Incorporate a daily meditation practice for a month and document the changes that begin to occur.  You will be amazed the power your mind has.

5 Ways to Shed Body Fat Fast

It seems like just yesterday I was feeling great in my body, my nutrition was on point so was sleep, hydration and meditation.  I was feeling so good in my skin that I thought “a little bit of this and a little bit of that won’t hurt”, I allowed a little too much freedom in my nutrition and just like that, I woke up and thought “where did this belly bulge and fat around my thighs come from?”

Ok, I am over exaggerating a bit.  It was approximately 3 weeks of indulgences that led to one morning of OMG!  I’m not saying I am fat by any means.  What I am saying is that we all have moments where we need to burn body fat fast in order to feel good in our body again so here are my 5 simply steps.

5 Ways to shed body fat fast
  1. Reduce Stress                                                                                                                         My recent weight fluctuation came from a trip to Germany.  After a week away and a lot of jet lag, my body was in a stressful state.  I didn’t take the proper steps to stay hydrated and find a good sleep cycle which led me to mindless eating.  Stress takes a major toll on the body by increasing cortisol which makes the body want to hold on to excess fat.  Take some time to read, relax and meditate in order to reduce your stress.
  2. Get your ZZZ’s                                                                                                                       Lack of sleep increases visceral fat.  Aim for a solid 7-8 hours of sleep each night on a consistent sleep schedule.  Aim to wake and go to bed at the same time each day and do your best to time this with the rise and fall of the sun.  Having trouble sleeping?  Try this Lavender Oil to help, it works magic for me!
  3. Ramp up your Cardio                                                                                           Cardiovascular exercise is awesome for shedding excess fat.  Cardio can be a walk around the block, run, cycle or swim, it can also be High Intensity Interval Training which is one of my favorites as it is the fastest was to burn body fat in a short time.  HIIT also gives you the same metabolic boost post workout that resistance training does which means more calories burned in a shorter amount of time.  Give it a try…       HIIT Workout: 6-10 rounds with 3-5 minute warm up and cool down.  30 seconds of work followed by 30-60 second rest period.Burpess > Sprints > Jump Rope > Jump Lunge                                                                              
  4. Increase your Protein                                                                                                        Protein is the building blocks to our muscles, the more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn at rest (i.e. the more lean muscle you have the more calories you burn while sitting, reading this blog… more bang for your buck!).  Protein is also proven to increase metabolic rate, sanitation and reduce cravings.  Aim for whole eggs, organic chicken, grass fed beef, salmon.
  5. Avoid Sugar and Reduce Carbs                                                                                           Sugar is a legal drug!  Sugar is bad for excess body fat, metabolic and brain health.  When you consume too much sugar the liver can not metabolize it therefore some is turned into added body fat.  Avoid sugary drinks and foods, processed and refined carbohydrates like bread, pasta and cookies.  Aim to increase your fiber instead by adding in vegetables.

So there you have it, my 5 simple steps to shed body fat fast.  Now I have work to do because I need to shed the few pounds I’ve recently put on.

Here’s to a nourished body.


Forgiveness Meditation

A majority of us live our lives in resentment, holding onto the past which limits us from our true potential in the present and future.

I am in love with Gabrielle Bernstein and have found her Forgiveness Meditation to be tremendously helpful.

Here is her meditation in my voice, please take 5 minutes to yourself today to let go of the past and experience all that your life has to offer.

On a scale of 1-10, are you a 10?

I’m in my early 30’s and I remember the website Hot or Not like it was yesterday.  My girlfriends and I would get on the site and look at the women.  Yes, as women we look at women to compare ourselves… do we look better than them or do they look better than us?


This website allowed you to rate people on a scale of 1-10 solely based on their looks.  Because of sites like this society has been trained to judge others at a first glance based on their looks rather than looking into their soul to see if they are a quality person that will be a supportive friend, loving companion or awesome employee.

Fast forward to my mid twenties when I got sick and tired of trying on a million pair of pants each morning only to find one that somewhat fit but I still felt extremely uncomfortable.  I wanted to look better in my body so I read magazines that gave me nutrition and exercise tips then, I found physique competitions.

My world was flipped upside down when I discovered the world of competing.  These women looked AMAZING.  Rock solid stomachs, perfectly plump glutes, beautiful hair and makeup, they had it all.  They looked happy, healthy and confident which is exactly what I wanted so I asked “where do I sign up?”

2009 I competed in my first Bikini competition.  I was on cloud 9.  I was now part of a group of women who in my eyes were a 10 on the Richter scale but personally I had not reached my 10 so I signed up for a few more shows knowing that if I pushed my body to the extreme through longer, more intense workouts and deprived my body of more and more food I would one day get to a 10.

A few years into competing, I looked good on the outside but I was miserable on the inside.  Through the tireless workouts I had no energy.  I could hardly gather the energy for a workout let alone find energy to spend time with friends or family.  From the deprivation of food I was constantly thinking about food and living for my next meal.  Throughout the years of competing I became depressed, lost my menstrual cycle and started questioning my reasons to compete.  Competing was not making me feel the way I thought it would.

This is the moment I realized that being a 10 is not in our outward appearance rather in our inner self.

In 2014 I decided it was time for a change.  I stopped and looked at what I truly want from life.  I want to spend quality time with my family and friends.  I want to find a life partner.  I want to exercise and eat healthy for the love of it, not because it was forced to look a certain way.  I wanted to be happy within my soul so that I could be happy to the external world.

Being a 10 to me now means getting to new places on the inside of myself.  I have been on my inner strength journey for 2 years and each day I get closer to being a 10.  I put myself first because I believe the healthier I am mentally the more I can give to those around me.  I want to share my daily practice with you in hopes you can see that your outward appearance says nothing about the person you are on the inside.  I am sure you seen a woman that is drop dead gorgeous but is so negative on the inside you couldn’t spend more than 30 seconds with her, don’t let that be you.

Kalene’s steps to become an Internal 10
  1. Slow Down – start taking time to connect with yourself
  2. Meditate – sit in silence and start listening to your inner guidance.  This is such a powerful tool because the moment you slow down and listen to your inner guidance all your unanswered questions will be answered and life will seem effortless.
  3. Journal – write down your highs and lows, learn to manifest what you want in life through journaling and make this a time for you to be authentic in your thoughts.
  4. Find a Mentor – I was the first person to say “I don’t need a mentor or counselor because I can handle my own issues.” I am now the first person to say that you can not handle your own issues.  I have had my biggest break throughs with my soul sisters group (ladies I LOVE you!) and with my counselor.
  5. Clean up Social Media – delete the Instagram accounts you follow that are images of hot bodies, stop looking at blogs that are geared toward outward appearance and start reading self help books, blogs that are uplifting and follow people that are making changes in the spiritual world.

Your action now is to take small steps daily to transition from an ego based mindset to an inner guidance mindset and work your way up to being a 10 internally.

I pray that you will get there.

Love the Highs and Lows

Have you ever felt so defeated in life you just want to give up?  You push harder and harder to get the results you’re seeking but nothing is going right so why keep trying?

On the flip side, have you ever felt so high on life that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals?  God seems to be placing all the necessary things in your lap to make amazing things happen for you.

We’ve all been in both situations (and if you can’t think of a high or low moment in your life think a little harder because I guarantee you’ve had a few of them).

My question to you is what do you do when you’re in these moments of high’s and low’s?


I know from working with people for years, and from myself personally, that the high moments are often overlooked.  Things are going so good that you keep trucking along through your day not taking a moment to celebrate your successes.  The high moment is often overlooked until you hit a low and your world is flipped upside down.

The low’s bring a feeling of defeat, failure and can put us in a deep depression.  These are the times we begin to question ourselves and why we even try.  It is written all over our face, posture and attitude that we’re unhappy and unapproachable.

So why is it that we don’t simply celebrate the Highs and the Lows?

High moments should be celebrated daily!  Stop and smell the roses, look at the things you’re accomplishing and give yourself a pat on the back.  The more you celebrate these moments the easier it is to stay in the momentum of making BIG things happen for you and the less frequently you will hang out in moments of low.

Low moments should also be celebrated daily!  As difficult as that sounds I challenge you to sit in meditation the next time you’re in a funk.  Get in tune with that feeling, ask yourself why you’re feeling that way and what you can do to change your mindset.  Then make a list of all the things you’re grateful for.  (I made a list of 50 things I was grateful for during a low time… that small assignment woke me up to the fact that my problems are minute compared to what they could be).

It’s also important to celebrate the lows because these are the moments in our life that we can learn and grow from.

Here are my 3 simple steps to Love the Highs and Lows

  1. Meditate to tune into your feelings
  2. Keep a daily journal of your feelings
  3. Make a gratitude list to review daily

I’ve created this download of my 3 Steps to LOVE the Highs and Lows as a reminder for you daily so that you can stay focused on the big picture.  Enjoy!