Spiritual Side of Health

Hi Gorgeous!

I have to share this because you might be in my shoes. If I can save one person a few of my wrong steps I want to help where I can.  This is a topic some people don’t like to talk about and one that I really questioned if I should write about but I feel called to share.

When I started ‘living a healthy lifestyle’ I truly thought a healthy lifestyle came down to the food I ate and the amount/type of exercise I did. If I dialed in those two things I would be fit, healthy and HAPPY but… I wasn’t.

I was missing the biggest part of living a healthy lifestyle and that was faith.

Rewind to 2014 when I started attending church again. I found a church that spoke to my heart, one that I connected with, one that I felt welcomed in. I began attending regularly but still felt lost. I was still searching for something more. I ran across bloggers all of the world that raved about meditation, slowing down and connecting with myself so I gave that a try.  It helped with anxiety for sure but I was still searching.  I was willing to do almost anything to find peace outside of myself.

This was the point that I started listening. I started listening to the signs of my body and to other people that were wiser than me.  One of those people being my baby sister.  My sister is almost 6 years younger than me but wiser beyond my years.  She has immersed herself in the church from a young age.  Her husband, father in law and grand father in law are all pastors and they have a faith outside of themselves that illuminates a room.

It was time to put my ego aside and learn from my baby sister.  Thank goodness I stepped out of my way because the spiritual side of health is what took my health to a whole new level.  To a level I had been seeking but could not find on my own.  

You may be a believer, you may not.  Wherever you are that is totally fine.  I encourage you to try the steps below, to look outside of yourself and put faith in something larger than you.  Once I connected to faith the right things started happening for me in the right timing.  No longer was I forcing or pushing, no longer was I taking one step forward and 5 steps back, no longer did I feel stuck.

I didn’t believe for the longest time.  I questioned that a faith outside of myself could truly propel me forward.  I was a skeptic.  I am the first to say that as soon as I established faith and opened my arms to a greater power, my purpose in life became clear.

Here are my 4 steps to spiritual health:

  1. Prayer – connect with something greater than yourself. I choose God.  I choose to believe that all things are created with Him and when I turn over my life to Him I am serving His purpose.  When I serve His purpose life is easy and clear.  Get out of your own way, stop listening to the false stories you create in your head.  Start praying for guidance and it will come.
  2. Silence – sit in silence, disconnect from the craziness of the world and listen to the signs the world is giving you. Every morning I sit on my patio, look at the stars and read. Most mornings I find myself checking my phone within seconds of looking at the stars but one morning I made a vow not to and I saw the most beautiful shooting star. Without disconnecting and being still I would have missed the beauty this world has to offer.  Are you distracted with busyness? Are you looking past the signs that are right in front of your face?
  3. Questions – ask intelligent questions of yourself and others. Ask questions that will provide you the answers you need to propel yourself forward.  Questions like why.  Why am I doing this? What purpose do this serve? Will this bring me closer to the purpose I serve on this earth?
  4. Listen – listen to the answers of the intelligent questions you ask of yourself and others.  These answers will provide you with the next steps you need to take in life.

Life is bigger than you.  Health is more than eating clean foods and moving your body.  When you learn to step outside of yourself, connect with something greater than you and build your spiritual health, your dreams will become a reality.


5 Ways to Amplify your Workout with Meditation

We’re all familiar with the benefits of exercise (increased energy, health, weight loss and more) but are you familiar with the benefits of meditation?  Like exercise, meditation is extremely beneficial for long term health, vitality and bliss.

In addition, meditation can help amplify your workouts by allowing you to push through your sticking points, have more energy, clarity and focus.

Here are 5 Ways to Amplify your Workout with Meditation…


  1. “Exercise is my meditation”                                                                                                        I often hear people say “exercise is my meditation” and I used to think that myself until I learned to truly practice meditation.  What people are really saying is exercise is a way for them to release stress and anxiety which is great but is completely different from the benefits of meditation.  So lets break it down… Exercise stimulates the nervous system and speeds up the metabolism in order to help us build muscle or lose body fat.  On the other hand Meditation de-excites the nervous system giving you deep rest and releases neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin into the body to bring calm and focus into your life.  Integrate both into your life for optimal health.  Meditation helps give you clarity and focus to increase your exertion in the gym.
  2. Meditate before your workout                                                                                         Studies show that 15 minutes of meditation brings more sustainable energy than a cup of caffeine and being in the fitness industry for years I know a majority of gym goers are amped up on caffeine, pre workout supplements or energy drinks.  I used to down pre-workouts only to find myself shaky and irritable.  They left me feeling groggy hours later and left a dent in my bank account.  The next time you hit the gym, try meditating for 15 minutes before your workout for a deepen state of rest before your workout giving you endless energy to exert in the gym.  This energy is FREE and natural!
  3. Meditate to push through pain                                                                                            During exercise we experience moments of discomfort leaving us to think “I can’t do another minute of this” however, meditation is proven to reduce the pain threshold.  Through mindfulness you’re better able to listen to the cues your body is giving you which allows the painful sensation to decrease versus intensify giving you an extra oomph to push through.
  4. Meditation allows you to know what the body needs                                                               I remember starting my fitness journey, I read articles giving workout regimens and hired coaches that developed “individualized” workout regimens for me.  I followed them to a T even on days that my body was screaming at me to rest.  I thought if I derailed from the plan provided I would get fat and lose anything I had previously gained in the gym.  I was wrong, instead I killed my hormones and was constantly fatigued from pushing my body too hard.  Meditation allows you to tune in to your inner self and energy, it guides you to the workout that will be best suited for you that day.  This helps improve the quality of your workouts as you’re taking rest days when your body needs it and you’re pushing hard on days your body has endless energy.
  5. Stay consistent and the benefits will start to show                                                           Just like the gym, meditation is a practice that you must do consistently for best results.  The more you do it, the more mental muscles you build and the easier it is to fit into your schedule.  And just like the gym, it is important to find a meditation coach to help you integrate this in a manner that is efficient and effective for you. 

I hope you’re sold on a few of the benefits meditation will have on your mind, body and soul.  I ask that you at least give it an honest try for a week to see if it is for you.  Journal what you experience, things like more clarity, energy, focus and enjoyment in life are just a few.

Now go meditate of 1-15 minutes then get your body moving for optimal health.


5 Ways to Shed Body Fat Fast

It seems like just yesterday I was feeling great in my body, my nutrition was on point so was sleep, hydration and meditation.  I was feeling so good in my skin that I thought “a little bit of this and a little bit of that won’t hurt”, I allowed a little too much freedom in my nutrition and just like that, I woke up and thought “where did this belly bulge and fat around my thighs come from?”

Ok, I am over exaggerating a bit.  It was approximately 3 weeks of indulgences that led to one morning of OMG!  I’m not saying I am fat by any means.  What I am saying is that we all have moments where we need to burn body fat fast in order to feel good in our body again so here are my 5 simply steps.

5 Ways to shed body fat fast
  1. Reduce Stress                                                                                                                         My recent weight fluctuation came from a trip to Germany.  After a week away and a lot of jet lag, my body was in a stressful state.  I didn’t take the proper steps to stay hydrated and find a good sleep cycle which led me to mindless eating.  Stress takes a major toll on the body by increasing cortisol which makes the body want to hold on to excess fat.  Take some time to read, relax and meditate in order to reduce your stress.
  2. Get your ZZZ’s                                                                                                                       Lack of sleep increases visceral fat.  Aim for a solid 7-8 hours of sleep each night on a consistent sleep schedule.  Aim to wake and go to bed at the same time each day and do your best to time this with the rise and fall of the sun.  Having trouble sleeping?  Try this Lavender Oil to help, it works magic for me!
  3. Ramp up your Cardio                                                                                           Cardiovascular exercise is awesome for shedding excess fat.  Cardio can be a walk around the block, run, cycle or swim, it can also be High Intensity Interval Training which is one of my favorites as it is the fastest was to burn body fat in a short time.  HIIT also gives you the same metabolic boost post workout that resistance training does which means more calories burned in a shorter amount of time.  Give it a try…       HIIT Workout: 6-10 rounds with 3-5 minute warm up and cool down.  30 seconds of work followed by 30-60 second rest period.Burpess > Sprints > Jump Rope > Jump Lunge                                                                              
  4. Increase your Protein                                                                                                        Protein is the building blocks to our muscles, the more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn at rest (i.e. the more lean muscle you have the more calories you burn while sitting, reading this blog… more bang for your buck!).  Protein is also proven to increase metabolic rate, sanitation and reduce cravings.  Aim for whole eggs, organic chicken, grass fed beef, salmon.
  5. Avoid Sugar and Reduce Carbs                                                                                           Sugar is a legal drug!  Sugar is bad for excess body fat, metabolic and brain health.  When you consume too much sugar the liver can not metabolize it therefore some is turned into added body fat.  Avoid sugary drinks and foods, processed and refined carbohydrates like bread, pasta and cookies.  Aim to increase your fiber instead by adding in vegetables.

So there you have it, my 5 simple steps to shed body fat fast.  Now I have work to do because I need to shed the few pounds I’ve recently put on.

Here’s to a nourished body.