Feel so damn good

I’m addicted to feeling good! I love it when I wake up with energy and excitement for whatever the day brings me.

I wish it was a switch I could flip on each morning as I step out of bed.

Seriously there are mornings that I feel un-freaking-stoppable then there are mornings that I feel like a train wreck.

So what is it that makes us feel so damn good and how can we keep that energetic high consistent?

First let me tell you exactly what will throw you off because as I write this I’m leaving our annual trip to Maui (which if you haven’t been, go!). Let me preface the things that will throw you off with the fact that I did not eat or drink in excess on this trip. In fact, I ate and drank what 99% of people would say is super healthy.  That aside I left feeling BLAH, minor migraine, bloated stomach, tired and slightly irritable.

How to feel so damn bad

  1. Lack of quality sleep
  2. Lack of self care time (meditation, sitting in silence, reading, etc.)
  3. Not breaking a sweat (i.e. working out)
  4. Eating poor quality food
  5. Not enough water
  6. Having bad people/relationships in your life

just to name a few…

This past trip to Maui I made good food choices.  In 7 days I only had 3 glasses of wine/champagne. I worked out daily and treated myself to 2 massages as well as a lot of self love time by the pool.

So what went wrong for me?

I felt like I did everything right. And you may feel like you are too but the results of endless energy aren’t there for you. It’s frustrating and you think to yourself why try anymore.

In my case it was several nights of poor quality sleep, poor digestion (which I ALWAYS have when I travel) and not enough water especially being in the heat all day.

These 3 small things left me totally bloated, fatigued and feeling heavy which in turn made me slightly irritable.

In order to feel so damn good every day you must and I repeat, MUST, find the perfect routine of the items below to incorporate in your life and you must incorporate them all on a daily basis. Or, as I experienced on my vacation, leaving a few things out will leave you with subpar results.

How to feel so damn good

  1. Set your morning up for success with a good night sleep. I prefer a dark, cold room with 6-8 hours of sleep.
  2. Start your morning with time to reflect on your goals and how you want to feel for the day. Check out the 7 Day Morning Mindset Challenge to guide you.
  3. Drink plenty of water in the morning and throughout the day.
  4. Schedule sweat time (gym time or time to move your body). Personally I schedule mine in the morning so nothing stops me.
  5. Plan for healthy meals. Preparation is key to success when it comes to nutrition. When you plan, you’re less likely to grab something that doesn’t serve your body.
  6. Surround yourself with people that lift you up.

It’s as simple as that, now all you have to do is implement it into your life. Once you do, you will find that even on the days you wake up feeling like a train wreck you can reframe your mind to grateful, positive, loving, productive…

Now go live a life you love.