Know your WHY


If you have children this question may drive you up the wall. When I was 19 I dated a great guy whose niece was 2 years old. I loved spending time with her watching movies but throughout the movie she would ask why, why, why.

I so badly wished I could answer her question for two reasons:

  1. To give her the answer she was looking for
  2. To enjoy the movie in silence

Why is such a great question. Without knowing why someone is doing something we don’t understand the actions needed to get to the destination so we often don’t take the steps necessary to achieve the goal.

We’re disconnected with the why so we venture off into something new.

If you read my last post Awaken to an Awesome Life, you took the first steps to designing your dream life. Now its time to create a compelling reason why you want that dream life so when you begin to face struggles you can refocus and climb the mountain of fear, doubt, frustration, etc because you’re fully committed to the cause.

Look at Martin Luther King. He had a compelling reason to share his message with the world of equal rights. This was at a time in history where he was totally stepping outside of societal norms to share this message yet his why kept him laser focused on his goal. Unfortunately it ended his life but he did it for the greater good of people to come and he has left a profound legacy.

What is your WHY? Do you want to create your dream life so you can travel the world, so you can take care of your family, so you can get out of debt, so you can have freedom, so you can leave a legacy that impacts people for thousands of years to come?

Grab your journal and a pen, take up to an hour to think and write your reasons why. Get creative and be descriptive then review this daily, say your reasons out loud daily until you’re fully connected with them every moment of every day.

Here are my reasons to live my dream life:

I want a life of financial freedom and independence because I feel my purpose on earth is to inspire others to make the most of their life. Financial freedom and independence will allow me the creative space to share this message with those that want it. In addition, it will allow me the opportunity to travel the world with my husband, family and friends. It will allow me to serve others and give back. It will allow me to take care of my family and friends when they need me the most.

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