Free Yourself from the Negative

It’s 2:20pm, I’m currently sitting in the Denver airport. I should be on a flight home to Wichita.

Instead of arriving at 4:30pm with plenty of time to love on my husband, unpack, shower and catch up on the Bachelor I’m scheduled to arrive at 8pm, that’s if all things go as planned.

My knee jerk reaction when I found out my first flight was canceled was to get frustrated. Thank God I shook that feeling quickly asking myself what good being frustrated would do for me. It sure was not going to get me home quicker or change the situation in any positive way.

Instead, I stopped my flood of emotions and prayed. I got real with myself and grateful that I’m alive, have the ability to travel the world and that I will at some point arrive home to my amazing husband and love on him the same as I would if I got home at 4:30pm.

So what that a canceled flight inconvenienced my life a little.

Had I stayed in the negative knee jerk feelings that flooded my body I would have waisted time and energy on nothing productive.  Instead, the shift allowed me time to write this blog, prioritize my daily schedule at home to be more efficient with my time, catch up on emails and a few big work projects and organize the notes I took from the Bliss project seminar I attended this past weekend.

Where many people see chaos and frustration, I try to see beauty.

I was reminded of the damage staying in the negative can do while grabbing a coffee in the Denver airport. As I waited for a warm coffee with almond milk I overheard a man raging on the phone about an employee of his.  He said “This has gone on too long! I’ve given so many chances and I’m pissed.” I thought to myself “I don’t want to be the person he is referring to.” He literally went on with this anger for my entire wait which was approximately 5 minutes.

I can only imagine he was speaking about this before I arrived to the coffee bar and it didn’t sound like he was ending the convo anytime soon. I also assume this is not the first time he has spoke about this person to someone else, in addition I would like to know how many times he has thought about this person at a time he could have been mentally present at home or work.

I tell you this analogy because I am guilty of staying in the negative too long just like I’m sure you are too!

About a year ago I found myself complaining about a specific situation in my life daily to anyone that would listen. If I could go back and add up the time I spent complaining I would guess I wasted 4 months straight of my life before I took action. (That’s approximately 2,920 hours of my life – do you realize what I could do with that time?!?! OMG SO FREAKING MUCH!)

What I would do for those 4 months back. Hindsight is 20/20, looking back it really wasn’t that big of a deal.

So where are you allowing negative to overtake your life? Is it really that big of a deal? Does it really deserve your time, energy, happiness and joy?

I challenge you today to see how you can turn your canceled flight into a positive. When you do you will be powerful and your life with align with your goals.

Where your focus goes your energy flows.

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