9 Steps to Mindful Living

The New Science to Health and Happiness shows that Mindful Living brings Joy!

Just because you’re busy and distracted doesn’t mean you have to miss out on life. In fact, I question if you’re truly productive in your daily tasks or if you’re actually wasting time that could be spent on things that mean more to you than surfing Facebook or Instagram or starring blankly at the computer responding to everything that crosses your email inbox that truly doesn’t need a response.

I’ve been there hopping from email to text to phone calls only to find that I was constantly putting myself in a state of distraction.  Rather than slowing down and tuning into my mind, body and soul I dove into work, responding to others or mindlessly surfing the internet and social media.

The moment I slowed down, took deep breaths and learned to be mindful every moment of every day, I found so much more joy in everyday life (even the boring and mundane).

No longer did dogs begging for food while I made dinner set me off.  Chaos at work, I could now handle without overwhelm. Feelings of doubt and insecurity quickly turned into ammunition to accomplish BIG projects.  And self care became a priority rather than a feeling of guilt for not ‘being busy’.

“Consistency in mindfulness matters more than all or nothing which are built to fail extremes. It’s a life long project that opens the doors for magical things to appear in your life.”

The beauty of mindfulness is its free, abundant and can be present in every moment of your life.

Here are my 9 Steps to Mindful Living:

  1. Pray – the power of prayer is magical. Putting your wildest hopes and dreams in the hands of God (or your own higher power) allows you to stop and listen to the direction you should go with ease.
  2. Gratitude List – keep a gratitude list every morning.  There is so much to be grateful for like simply being alive for another day, having the ability to walk, talk, hear, smell, see, the list can go on forever.  The more grateful you are the happier you will become.
  3. Sit in Silence – take time to clear your mind several times throughout the day. Silence is proven to give your body more energy than a cup of coffee by giving you clarity and focus.
  4. Breathe Deeply – too many of us are shallow breathers.  Learn to take deep diaphragmatic breaths (belly breathing) to slow down the central nervous system and calm your nerves.
  5. Journal – write down your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis.  This allows you to reflect and problem solve as well as tune into your thoughts and feelings rather than skirting them under the social media rug.
  6. Mindful Eating – slow down and truly enjoy your food.  Place your fork down between each bite and chew fully.  When the food no longer tastes appetizing that is the moment to push the plate away. Learn to ask before you eat a meal, “am I truly hungry for this food? does this sound appetizing, or am I simply bored”?
  7. Adequate Rest and Relaxation – do you live by the motto “I will sleep when I die”?  I used to and I hit burn out.  You will too if you don’t learn to slow down, relax and cherish your sleep.  Set yourself up for sleep success by calculating 7-8 hours of sleep time, shutting off all electronics 1 hour before bed, cooling the room and making sure the room is dark.
  8. Positive Self Talk – our subconscious is sneaky.  Too many of us talk negatively to ourselves “you’re not worth that promotion, you’re too fat, you’re lazy, you’re ugly…..”  Change your mental talk to positive talk.  Tell yourself a positive affirmation in the morning and through the day.  I’ve downloaded the app Quick Voice and recorded my affirmation to listen to anytime, anywhere as a constant reminder.
  9. Be Present – it’s hard in society to be present.  We have social media, advertisements, and decisions to be made at every moment of our day. Although it’s hard, it is so important to be present.  Next time you’re out to dinner with friends or a loved one, put your phone away and engage in conversation. Next time you’re in a business meeting, put your phone away and give your input to make the business better.  Multi-tasking does not get more done, rather try mono-tasking and reap the benefits of deeper relationships in your work and personal life.

Let me know the impact these 9 steps have on your life! Send me a message or tag me in a post on Instagram so I can cheer you on.