“When you’re inspired you attract abundance”

She’s already done it so I can’t.

She already has that so I can’t.

There’s never enough.

I’ll never be who I want to be because other people are in my place.

I’ve had these thoughts and I’m sure you have too. Maybe you think this in the workplace- you want the corner office with windows and the title of VP but someone has that job and she is only 40 years old so good luck unless you want to wait another 20 years.

Or maybe you have been wanting to find a way to give back but you’re living pay check to pay check and don’t see a way you can afford to give to others when you’re having a hard time providing for yourself.

Or maybe you want to open a business but someone has a similar concept so you hold back your passion because you’re afraid of competition.

Or maybe your best girlfriend has an outfit you adore. It’s your style, your color and you know you would rock it but you can’t have the same outfit as her.

You’re wrong sister. 

There’s enough space in this world for all of us to do, have, be and wear similar things because the beauty of you is you’re different from the person who is ‘already doing it’.

Your personality is different. Your demeanor is different. You attract a different tribe. You speak in your own voice. Your word is heard differently from the people in your circle.

I love inspiring others to step into their truth and live the life they love. There are thousands of other people that love doing the same and have done so for much longer than I have and have a much bigger audience than I do. These are people I have learned from and look up to.

I can say the same thing as the people I look up to like Lori Harder, Gabby Bernstein, Dave Ramsey, Tony Robbins and Oprah and I can think to myself I’m a fraud, bigger people are already saying the message I want to send to the world so why even try.

I try because the people that follow me may not relate to the mentors I look up to. They may hear the message different from those people AND it is not a bad thing to repeat a really good message.

If you’re the person that wants to give back but you’re financially strapped you can still give. Give a smile, open a door or find clothes in your closet you’re no longer wearing to donate. I personally believe the more you give the more you get in fullness of life. Think outside of the box of ways you can give without going broke.

If you want the corner office and title of VP but don’t see that seat opening any time soon? Show up everyday at your best, go above and beyond, act like you already have that title. Show those in charge if they were to someday move you into that role you would make them proud. Who knows, the current VP may move to a different city or maybe a VP in another department opens up or better yet maybe an exec position in a different organization falls in your lap because you showed up and caught the eye of someone in charge.

Whatever it is you want in life you must already think and act like you have it. You have to show up and deliver as though you’re living out the life you dream of. When you do, you attract just what it is you want.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Trust me when I say, there is enough space in this world for you to have what you want even if someone is already ‘doing it’.

Abundance is my word for 2018. I grew up with a lack mentality and revert back to it easily but with a simple mindset shift each morning I have changed my paradigm over the years and you can too. Try the 7 Day Morning Mindset Challenge to help you see through abundant lenses.

Each morning I take 5 minutes to complete the 7 Day Morning Mindset Challenge (which I’ve made a lifestyle) to write down how I want to feel for the day and an intention for the day. This helps me focus on abundance, happiness, energy and gratitude. What do you choose to focus on?