3 Questions You Need To Ask

Got goals? I do and I know you do to whether you have them written down or you just wake up in the morning and say to yourself “today is going to be a good day… I’m going to workout and eat perfectly…” or “I’m ready to take action on the business idea I have and will take the first step to launch it today…”

A few hours go by, stress sets in and you’re already digging into the candy bowl.  Before you know it you threw eating healthy out the window and feel so gross that moving your body sounds exhausting.  Why not start over tomorrow?


You chat with your mom on the phone and she says “honey, I’m not sure starting that business  is the best idea…” then your self doubt stops you dead in your tracks.

This pattern repeats day after day, before you know it years have past and you still have the same goal you had 5 years ago with nothing to show for it. Trust me I’ve been there.

Here are 3 Questions To Ask Yourself throughout the day to stay on track.

  1. How am I?  – asking yourself this simple question throughout the day, especially when your hand hits the candy bowl, will help you assess how you’re feeling. Often you will find the moment you go for sugar or have self doubt you’re feeling tired, fatigued, stresses or bored. If you connect with how you are often you can change your mindset from “I want sugar or I’m not good enough” to “I’m stressed, tired, bored, etc, I want to take care of my mind, body and soul by going for a quick walk, talking to a friend, etc”.
  2. What is my goal?  – asking yourself what is your goal throughout the day will allow you to always stay connected with what it is you truly want to accomplish.  If its weight loss but you find yourself overeating on a daily basis you will begin to start making better food choices the more you ask this question. If your goal is to open a business but you’re constantly hitting doubts you will slowly start to see yourself achieving success rather than doubting yourself.  Give it a try.
  3. Will this keep me on track?  – asking this final question and really sitting with the answer before taking action will allow you to say NO to the things that keep distracting you from your goal.

It sounds so simple and it really is! However, the mindset shift does not happen over night. Stay consistent with asking these questions and day by day you will begin to make better choices that align with your goals.