Staying the Course Pays Off

Hi beautiful!

If you’re like me you want results right away.  Weight loss, sign me up if it will be gone tomorrow.  New business idea, sign me up if I can implement it right away.  A magical skin care regimen that will make my skin glow, sign me up if I can see results after one use.

Ok, you get where I’m going with this.

Most my life I looked for immediate results and became frustrated, discouraged or gave up all together if the changes I wanted didn’t come in a timely fashion.

What is it that you’re looking for change in?  Are you impatient?

Take a deep breath with me and say “this time I will stay the course”.

By committing for the long haul and taking small daily steps to get to your big hairy audacious goal you will achieve it, I promise.  Have you heard the saying nothing good comes easy?  It is so true.

True weight loss, beautiful skin, a successful business, etc all take time.

I challenge you to stay the course this time around.  Take the goal you want to achieve so badly and wish you could see the results right now then break it down into small daily and weekly actions that will bring you one step closer to achieving it.  At the end of each day and week reflect upon the progress you’ve made (go back and read my last blog post on reflection).  Celebrate your success and review your upcoming plan for the day and week ahead to ensure you’re always gaining traction.

Accomplishments in life that take time, commitment and consistency are the most rewarding.  When you commit to staying the course and one day achieve your goal you will feel unstoppable.  Begin putting yourself in the shoes of who you will become the day you achieve your goal.  Feel that feeling of accomplishment and use this as fuel to stay the course.

Let me know what your goal is on Instagram at @gorgeousstrength or on Facebook.  I would love for the Gorgeous Strength Community to be your accountability partners through your journey.

Now its time for you to take your one small step closer to success today, what will it be for you?