How to find purpose in your Life

Hey gorgeous,

Today I want to drop a post about finding your purpose because I went through a funk for a few years.

Yes, I let it last that long.

My goal is to help you pivot as soon as you know you’re no longer serving your purpose because once I realized it I felt stuck.  My actions were no longer servings me and I had dug myself in such a hole it felt overwhelming to get out of.  But girl, I’m here to tell you if you drag yourself out of it and re-connect with your purpose you will feel unstoppable.

Society tells us ways we ‘should’ live.  We should go to college.  We should get a good paying job with benefits.  We should get married and have kids.  We should _________ .

When you live your life according to the should’s of the world you lose yourself.  You disconnect with what makes you happy.  You live life for others and wake up one day asking “how did I get here?”

You may feel that way right now and if you do I beg you to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.

In all seriousness, life is short.  Is what you do on a daily basis making you happy?  Is it elevating your life?  Is it fulfilling?  Or is it draining, overwhelming and stressful?

Finding your purpose is simple but it takes effort on your part moment by moment, day by day.  In the last blog post I walk you through how to create your personal core values.  If you didn’t do that work I highly suggest starting there.  If you did, high five sista!

Once you have your core values it is clear to see what your purpose is in life.  It is clear to see what opportunities will serve you and which will drain you.  Each day as you’re presented with options you have to first ask yourself the question “does this align with my core values?”  If so, it serves your purpose in life.  If not, it doesn’t serve your purpose and it will drain your energy.

So what is your purpose in life?  What makes you, YOU?

When you determine this and list your core values then align your daily actions to it you will find your flow.  You will be fully fulfilled and success will come your way.

Try it and let me know what you experience on instagram at @gorgeousstrength or on Facebook. I want to celebrate your success with you.