How to attract more Positive Into your Life

Last week the Gorgeous Strength community completed a 4 day #gorgeousstrengthmovement challenge.  The focus of the challenge was to post 1 photo or video per day of something positive.  This could be someone unexpectedly buying your coffee or your kiddos massaging your feet because it is your last month of pregnancy and they’re taking care of you.

The goal of the challenge was to show that the more we focus on the positive things in our life no matter the size, the more we will attract positive into our lives and the more we will experience bliss in even the mundane.

So before I dive into the feedback of what the Gorgeous Strength community took away from the 4 day challenge, check out some of the posts…

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The biggest take away from this challenge is we have more in our lives to be thankful for than we often see and when we slow down to become grateful the lenses we see life through change, when the lenses change success, joy and happiness begins to come our way.

Shayla said “I am learning that with all the bad in the world that there is a lot of good happening as well that often gets overshadowed by the bad. And when you feel like you are struggling, know that you are not the only one and that you have a lot of people on your side

1 simple way you can begin attracting more positive in your life immediately is to look around and see all the blessings you already have.  What you focus on expands, its your choice.