There are thousands of books published on the power of positive thinking and I believe it to be true. Just think about it for a moment.  When was the last time you were in a bad mood then went to the gym or met with a friend for coffee and all the sudden your negativity went out the door.  It vanished because you were focused on the intensity of your workout or the awesome convo with your friend.

It’s not magic, it’s simply a mind shift and you can shift your mind anytime, anywhere without something distracting you.  For example, if you begin to tune into your feelings and emotions on a moment by moment basis and become aware when your mind is turning nasty you can turn it around in a split second.  You have the choice to be positive or negative, it all depends on how connected you are to your feelings and emotions so… this week I want to challenge you.  Are you up for it?

The challenge is simple:

  • Monday July 10 – Thursday July 14, 2017 post a photo or video of 1 positive thing you experienced during the day
  • Use #gorgesoustrengthmovement in your post (because I will be giving away a prize daily)

By looking for positive things in your every day life you will begin to attract more positivity and have a better outlook on life.  When you change your mindset opportunities start falling in your lap, people start noticing and your paradigm shifts in ways I can’t describe.

Grab a friend to take on this challenge with you and let me know how just 4 days start to change your world in amazing ways.