What are your Core Values?

The moment a mentor told me to create my personal Core Values I thought he was crazy.  I know who I am and what I stand for, why in the world do I need to write it out and review it daily?

I was in store for a treat!

After resisting the activity for months I finally broke down and did the assignment.  To my amazement the things I value in life are not the things I was making a priority in life.  My family and friends, traveling, laughing, helping others… I was no longer doing these things because I was not aware of my values.  I let the ‘to do’s’ of life and running a business get in the way of what I wanted out of life.  I began saying YES to everyone else but myself.

Writing down my Core Values and reviewing them on a daily basis allowed me to realign with the purpose of my life.  It allowed me to regain peace, clarity and love.  It allowed me to say NO to the things in life that would not serve me.  It opened my eyes to the realization that I need to take care of myself first so that I have energy and love to give to others.

I recommend you take 30 minutes to an hour to complete the following Core Value questions below.  Then, share in the comments below, what you learned from this exercise and what changes you’re going to make in your life today to align with your true purpose.


  • What are my most redeeming qualities?
  • What are my weaknesses?
  • What am I doing to network and build alliances?
  • What do I enjoy most?
  • How can I shape my career goals around what I enjoy?
  • What is one accomplishment I must make in my life?
  • How could I correct or compensate for my weaknesses to ensure accomplishment of my long-term goals?
  • How does my faith shape my sense of identity?


  • What previous experiences or education will help me arrive at my desired destination?
  • How can my present job situation serve as a steppingstone toward my destination?
  • What will a perfect day look like when I have arrived at my destination?
  • Who might assist me on my journey?
  • What kind of people will I spend time with when I have arrived?
  • In five or less sentences; how will I know when I’ve arrived?How does my faith shape my destiny?

Morals and Values

  • What are my moral absolutes?
  • How do I define right from wrong?
  • How would I define my work ethics?
  • What values will help me build strong relationships?

Core Values

Summarize your answers from above into 2-3 paragraphs which will become your personal Core Values.  Re-visit these daily by reading or listening to a voice recording of your values so they’re always on the forefront of your mind.