Manifest your Passion

  • Do you feel stuck in the to do’s of life?
  • Did you go to college then accept a corporate job because that is what society, your parents and advisors told you to do but that is not fulfilling you?
  • Do you feel you have a gift to give the world but its so far from reality you can’t envision yourself living your dream?
  • Do you want to make a change, have freedom and do what God put you on this earth to do?

You can and it is easier than you think!

There is a reason each of us are placed on this earth. It is our duty to uncover that reason, connect with it and give it back to the universe.

Through my years of personal self development and coaching clients I’ve found that too many of us live in the to do’s of life. We go to college because it is what society says we must do. Next, we seek out a career that will satisfy our needs financially, mentally and hopefully emotionally.  For some, this is their gift. For most, there is so much more that we need to uncover and bring to life.

My guess is, since you’re reading this, you fall in the second category. If so, I am so glad you’re here because I’m going to have you do some major soul searching in order to connect to your gift so you can begin delivering it to the world.

The first step in manifesting your passion is to understand what it is your true passion is. We often have several things that peak our interest but what is the one burning desire you have to achieve in this lifetime?

Let me throw out a few examples. I’ve had friends that went from corporate America to:

  • Interior Design
  • Web Development
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Personal Training
  • Travel Consulting

This list could go on forever.

Let me share with you my story. My mom pushed me to go to college after high school (thank you Mom! I really do appreciate it as it taught me discipline) and land a corporate job where I would have secure and steady pay, a retirement plan and benefits. I did just that. I received an undergraduate in Mathematics and a Masters of Business Administration. I landed an amazing job at a Fortune 500 company and had dreams to work my way up the corporate ladder until, one day Human Resources announced that all HR Shared Services would be outsourced and our jobs were on the line.

The moment I was told I may lose my job I had no stress because at this moment I knew it was time to start digging into what truly made me happy.

Thankfully, I had (unknowingly so) started manifesting my passion of helping others live a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and exercise as I had just gone through my personal transformation and had begun sharing my knowledge with others through online programs. This side business was something I was so passionate about that I would stay awake for hours creating programs for clients, responding to emails and visualizing all the amazing ways I could help people. This was something people naturally gravitated to me for help. This was an area of my life that lit me up… this was my passion.

My passion sat right in front of my face for months before I realized it. It wasn’t until something tragic like the possibility of losing a job was placed in my lap that I opened my eyes to the fact that my gift to give the world is in helping others and working a corporate job was no longer serving me.

This was my moment of understanding.

Now that I have shared my moment of understanding I am going to ask you to do a little soul searching to understand what your passion is. You may be in a job or a relationship that is no longer serving you. You may have a passion right in front of your face but fear of not having the credentials or expertise is holding you back from speaking out about your passion. This is your time to realize what your gift is to give to the world so take 30 minutes, or longer if you need, to complete the following questions:

  1. What do people ask you advice on the most?
  2. What do others compliment you on?
  3. What inspires you so much that you could stay up for hours working and get lost in time?
  4. What sort of work could you do that would not feel like work to you?

I trust that you have completed the questions above with thought. Your answers should have a common theme. This common theme is your passion and whatever your passion in life is you can make it a reality, you can capitalize on it and share it with the world! A passionate person speaks from the soul, people are naturally drawn to them and work no longer feels like work.

Remind yourself as we continue with this journey to unleashing your passion that you only have one life on this earth. You have been given a gift to share with us all and you’ve uncovered that gift. Now that you have connected with your passion, it is time to reveal it to the world so you can fulfill your life’s dream.

Don’t let fear hold you back, give your gift to the world.