5 Ways to Amplify your Workout with Meditation

We’re all familiar with the benefits of exercise (increased energy, health, weight loss and more) but are you familiar with the benefits of meditation?  Like exercise, meditation is extremely beneficial for long term health, vitality and bliss.

In addition, meditation can help amplify your workouts by allowing you to push through your sticking points, have more energy, clarity and focus.

Here are 5 Ways to Amplify your Workout with Meditation…


  1. “Exercise is my meditation”                                                                                                        I often hear people say “exercise is my meditation” and I used to think that myself until I learned to truly practice meditation.  What people are really saying is exercise is a way for them to release stress and anxiety which is great but is completely different from the benefits of meditation.  So lets break it down… Exercise stimulates the nervous system and speeds up the metabolism in order to help us build muscle or lose body fat.  On the other hand Meditation de-excites the nervous system giving you deep rest and releases neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin into the body to bring calm and focus into your life.  Integrate both into your life for optimal health.  Meditation helps give you clarity and focus to increase your exertion in the gym.
  2. Meditate before your workout                                                                                         Studies show that 15 minutes of meditation brings more sustainable energy than a cup of caffeine and being in the fitness industry for years I know a majority of gym goers are amped up on caffeine, pre workout supplements or energy drinks.  I used to down pre-workouts only to find myself shaky and irritable.  They left me feeling groggy hours later and left a dent in my bank account.  The next time you hit the gym, try meditating for 15 minutes before your workout for a deepen state of rest before your workout giving you endless energy to exert in the gym.  This energy is FREE and natural!
  3. Meditate to push through pain                                                                                            During exercise we experience moments of discomfort leaving us to think “I can’t do another minute of this” however, meditation is proven to reduce the pain threshold.  Through mindfulness you’re better able to listen to the cues your body is giving you which allows the painful sensation to decrease versus intensify giving you an extra oomph to push through.
  4. Meditation allows you to know what the body needs                                                               I remember starting my fitness journey, I read articles giving workout regimens and hired coaches that developed “individualized” workout regimens for me.  I followed them to a T even on days that my body was screaming at me to rest.  I thought if I derailed from the plan provided I would get fat and lose anything I had previously gained in the gym.  I was wrong, instead I killed my hormones and was constantly fatigued from pushing my body too hard.  Meditation allows you to tune in to your inner self and energy, it guides you to the workout that will be best suited for you that day.  This helps improve the quality of your workouts as you’re taking rest days when your body needs it and you’re pushing hard on days your body has endless energy.
  5. Stay consistent and the benefits will start to show                                                           Just like the gym, meditation is a practice that you must do consistently for best results.  The more you do it, the more mental muscles you build and the easier it is to fit into your schedule.  And just like the gym, it is important to find a meditation coach to help you integrate this in a manner that is efficient and effective for you. 

I hope you’re sold on a few of the benefits meditation will have on your mind, body and soul.  I ask that you at least give it an honest try for a week to see if it is for you.  Journal what you experience, things like more clarity, energy, focus and enjoyment in life are just a few.

Now go meditate of 1-15 minutes then get your body moving for optimal health.