Med-i-Tate or Med-i-Cate?

Growing up, like many people, I went to a standard family practitioner who prescribed medication for whatever symptom I had.  A cold, a fever, sadness, pain in my shoulder, whatever it was there was medication to cover up the root cause.

Not once was nutrition, sleep, exercise (mentally or physically) brought up by my doctor, that is until I changed to a holistic practicioner.  A cold or fever could have been treated with extra sleep and hydration instead of medicine.  Sadness could have been treated with mental exercise like meditation instead of anti-depressants.  Pain in my shoulder could have been treated with exercise and range of motion work instead of Advil.

Hopefully you get my point.  Too many people are given medication to treat something that could be taken care of naturally.  Not only are we then putting synthetic, man made products into our body but we’re spending money and a lot of it on pills, not knowing how much of the medication our body is absorbing or using for that matter.

The past several years I’ve strayed away from western medicine and found holistic doctors to help me when needed.  Now, instead of a call to the doctor, I first tune into my body when I’m experiencing pain, illness, sadness, or any suffering.  We are the owner of our temple, we know our body better than anyone else.  I’m not saying we don’t need the help of a doctor on occasion.  What I am saying is through mindfulness you can often determine what the root cause to your pain/suffering is and treat it holistically without external help and especially without medication.

For example:

According to Global Research, studies show that:

  • 30 Million Americans are taking some form of anti-depressants
  • 250 Million prescriptions were written for anti-depressants in 2013
  • > 280 Billion dollars were spent on all prescription drugs in 2013

Studies also show that a regular meditation practice among those with depression who meditate without taking prescription pills have a significant drop in:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • pain
  • and are better able to manage their depression when it re-occurs without medication

This is just one example.  As you can see many people turn to expensive medications to help relieve pain which makes them reliant on the medication for future health however those that turn to meditation, exercise, change in nutrition and sleep patterns spend little to no money on medication and are better able to self manage re-occurances.

I challenge you to try it.  Whatever you may be dealing with at the moment, migraines, depression, anxiety, eating disorder, etc, try changing your lifestyle.  Incorporate a daily meditation practice for a month and document the changes that begin to occur.  You will be amazed the power your mind has.